Curious Ruler


2014 Children’s Technology Review Editor’s Choice for Excellence in Design

Measure and compare objects around you!

With Curious Ruler, children can explore and measure objects around them and learn about sizes, units of measure, and proportions. 
Curious Ruler is both a useful utility and a great educational tool that supports Measurement and Data Core Standards.

* Simply pick a known reference object in Curious Ruler, like a coin or a sheet of paper, then select an object you’d like to measure.
* Place these objects side-by-side and take a picture.
* Curious Ruler provides sliders to measure the objects and compares their relative sizes.
* Switch between the US and Metric measurement system.

Did you know that the iPad 3 is as long as 27 pennies?
With the Curious Ruler you do!
The interaction is limitless, fun and educational.

The app is designed for ages 3-8.
No external links.
No In App purchases.
No Social Sharing.

36 Reference objects to choose from including:
– US and World coins and paper bills
– iPhone and iPad
– Credit Card
– Crayon
– Lego and Duplo bricks
– US and A4 paper sheets
– soccer, tennis, basket, baseball, golf, football balls
– soda can

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Plan Price Details
Curious Ruler $0.99 Compatible with iOS devices.


Educational Technology Specialists
June 18, 2014

Cool way to use non-standard units of measurement.