Critique^It is a technology with one goal: To transform the way people collaborate online by revolutionizing the technology they work with.

Peer Review. Anytime. Anywhere.

Critique is no longer restricted to face-to-face meetings. Read it. Write on it. Talk to it. It's your work, inspired!

Save Valuable Time.

Tired of organizing other people's Word files, document versions, emails and hand-written notes? Content critique has never been so simple.

Reduce. Recycle. CritiqueIt!

The average American uses more than 700 pounds of paper each year. 68 million trees are consumed annually in the US alone!* Cut back with CritiqueIt.

* Environmental Defense Fund

Create Groups.

Create groups with your friends. Enjoy the benefit of creative collaboration.

Secure Document Storage.

Store documents and share large files from one secure location. No FTP or file sharing software needed.


Text, audio and video feedback on virtually any type of file: documents, images, presentations and spreadsheets


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ESL Teacher
August 27, 2012

I used CritiqueIt during its free trial and found it easy enough to use. Grading my students' papers was straight-foward. Some of my students had a hard time with this website, and unfortunately too many of my students have no Internet access back home, so I have not continued to use CritiqueIt.