Kids join a wild adventure into the world of code, and learn how to build their first website through fun games and colorful storytelling. With over 10000+ possible combinations of customizable features, they can learn how to code whilst playing a variety of entertaining mini-games.

It’s time to get your kids busy with their technical skills and start being the coding rockstar they are! With CodeQuest they can create, innovate, and style their very first website in basic HTML and CSS. Within minutes they’ll be interacting with code as they have never done before. Who knew it could be so easy?

With several mini-games hidden within CodeQuest, your children’s recognition and knowledge of code will be tested and tried whilst they’re having fun creating. They can compete with themselves and try and beat past scores. They are becoming a coding expert! Choose between different backgrounds, fonts, and fun lists to populate their personalized and unique website. And if they want to make it extra-personalized they can choose photos from the camera roll or even take a photo of themselves!

Especially proud of their website? Go ahead and publish it on our secure servers for just you and your family (you must be over 13 to use this feature). Build, learn, and share more amazing websites and perfect your familiarity of code with CodeQuest-Website Adventures.

Interact, familiarise, and play with over 100 snippets of HTML and CSS
Mix, match, and uncover over 50 different combinations of frames colours
Style websites with over 50 headings and multiple fonts
Use the built-in camera to add a photo to the personalized creation
Test recognition of CSS and HTML tags
Securely publish the personalized, self-coded website on the web, and share with friends and family
Beautifully and originally crafted graphics
Parental updates on coding progress throughout the app
Easy-to-use kid-friendly interface with thousands of creative & learning possibilities
No third-party advertising
No in-app purchasing

CodeQuest -Website Adventures enables children to harness their inner coder, and begin creating with code in a kid-friendly, and rich storytelling environment. CodeQuest is suitable for children ages 6 and up.

Privacy Policy
Privacy is something that we take very seriously at Codarica. We make sure that you’re given the option to keep up to date with what your child is creating and interacting with. To read more about our privacy policy please go to

Codarica is an award winning educational provider of digital content that helps children get their first introduction in to the world of code. We believe that by using magical storytelling children can learn anything whilst having fun whilst also learning the vital 21st century skill of coding. Combine that with fun games and a personal journey involving our playful characters and the possibilities for harbouring an amazing creative environment are endless. We believe that children should be able to play, learn and explore in a safe environment so therefore we do not show any third-party ads or have any in-app purchases. Codarica makes seriously fun games.


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CodeQuest Free Compatible with iOS devices.


Technology Integration Specialist
November 21, 2014

CodeQuest is a fun and engaging way for students to learn the basics of web creation and design w/ simple elements of HTML and CSS programming.