Classroom Carrots


Classroom Carrots is a free App to help teachers manage behaviour, motivate pupils and encourage engagement.

It transforms our already fun and effective reward stickers into an interactive experience for the whole class as well as being an effective teaching aid.

Reward individual pupils in real time and keep track of their behaviour. Engage with parents by using the Reward Book module. Use to record attendance and then evaluate performance using the reporting tool. Set up multiple classes and share stickers across the school.


Plan Price Details
School Stickers for Classroom Carrots From €0.99 Our Classroom Carrots behaviour management software is completely free to our customers. All you need is one pack of stickers and you are away.


Homeschool Mom
January 28, 2013

In addition to my own children, I also homeschool some neighbors’ children. I have been evaluating web sites to help me manage my classroom. Though I have not settled on a web site yet, my experience with Classroom Carrots motivated me to write.

I found this web site incredibly difficult to use. It was very slow to load, to the point of being unusable. The web site looks pleasant, but unfortunately I was not satisfied with my experience and would not recommend it at this time.

January 28, 2013

A nice site for improving student behavior through the use of sticker reward system.