The best Homework / Class organizer for your School life. Plan and Organize your Classes, Assignments, Tests, Paper submissions. Once you start using ClassManager you will never be late submitting your assignments


Organize your Assignments / Homework :

•Enter all your assignments / Homework through a intuitive interface
•Have each assignment linked to a class
•Prioritize your Homework / Assignments
•Sort Homework by Due date, Priority, Class & Completed
•Set reminders for each homework
•Get notified of what homework is due when so that you plan & finish your homework- no more late submissions

Enter & Organize your Classes:

•Enter all your classes into ClassManager for the Semester / Term
•Building – Keep forgetting which building which class is in? Enter building name for a class & ClassManager will remember it for you
•Room Number – Enter the room number of your class
•Professor’s Name – Have a professor associated with each class so that you know exactly whose class your are attending
•Multiple Schedules – IF your class is 9 am to 10 am one day & 1pm to 2 pm another day, no worries ClassManager will let you enter multiple schedules for each class
•Start & End Date – Enter a Start date & End date for each class

Get Help:

•Are you stuck on a Homework & need professional help?
•Use the Get Help button at the bottom of the screen on each assignment listing
•Our tutors will provide you with professional help / tutoring
•We cover all the topics on which you need help – Accounting, Finance, Statistics, Math, Programming, Economics, Operations Management, Chemistry, Marketing etc


Know What is Due Today (Summary):

•Past Due – Get to know at a glance which Assignments / Homeworks are late
•Now – Get to know which class, in which building & in which room the current class is
•Next – This section shows you which Homeworks & which classes are upcoming in the next 6 hrs

Views For Classes:

•Class Week – Need a chart / timetable view of which class is when? Click on the Week tab at the bottom and get to see the whole weeks schedule of your class
•Classs List – Want to know which classes you will be attending today or tomorrow or the day after? The list view sorts classes on the days when the classes are scheduled
•Class month – Choose the date on the calendar interface & you will see the classes scheduled for that particular date

Views For Assignment:

•Assignment Week – Lets you plan for the week, gives you a birds eye view of which homework is due what day & time this week
•Assignment List – Plan your day by knowing details of homework due each day, stay organized, track what is due for each day, at what time & for which class
•Assignment Month —

– Choose any date of the month & know instantly the Assignments which are due on the chosen day
– Dots inside the calendar will tell you that there are homework due on a particular date


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ClassManager Free Compatible with iOS devices.


October 3, 2013

This is a great tool for any student or teacher
This will help you organize your schedule – you will know at one glance which class is next, what your schedule for the week, month & day looks like
Students can also input their assignments along with deadlines, it has a reminder which reminds students when their assignments are due – so students do not miss out on submitting their assignments
It supports Time based & Period based scheduling
Definitely recommend it to other students & teachers