See Learning Happen: Unleash personalized, real-time feedback at the moment students need it.

Classkick is a free app that shows teachers in real-time exactly what students are doing and who needs help–so they can provide instant feedback.

  1. Teachers Prep an Assignment: Using any content, teachers add drawings, text, images, audio, links, and videos to provide instruction or create assessments.
  2. Students Work on Their Devices: In 1:1 or small group settings, students input drawings, text, images, or audio in response to the teacher-created material.
  3. Everyone Gives Feedback: Teachers provide individualized, real-time feedback or allow students to give each other anonymous feedback.
  4. Teachers See it All: In a mosaic of working students, teachers can see who needs help and how students are progressing through the assignment.

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Plan Price Details
Classkick Free Create paperless assignments, monitor the whole class and give instant feedback.
Plus $299/year Supercharge feedback for students and save even more time with advanced tools.
Pro Best Value Students get a personal account and build a portfolio of differentiated work.


Director of Teacher Happiness
September 12, 2016

Every day, teachers struggle to answer all of their students’ questions. Even worse, they’re often unaware of who needs help because some students are too shy to raise hands. Classkick is a free app that eliminates those roadblocks, showing teachers exactly what their students are doing and who has pressed “I need help” on a specific part of their assignment.

Rather than reinvent how students learn or how teachers teach, Classkick facilitates current classroom learning. In Classkick, every student’s’ handwriting, whether it’s a 2nd grader drawing a picture or an 11th grader doing physics, appears live to the teacher in a mosaic of working students. The teacher can zoom into any student’s sheet to help them and ask a probing question to redirect their thinking. By the time the student has read and thought through the feedback, the teacher has already swept off and helped 5 others.

We are hyper focused on one goal: increase student learning. To achieve this, we listen to educators to truly understand how technology can assist in the learning process.