Classcraft helps educators motivate students by making learning fun.

Classcraft combines time-tested pedagogy with a modern approach, harnessing the power of what kids love — games and stories — to promote meaningful interactions between students and teachers.

Classcraft makes teaching more fulfilling by helping teachers foster happier classrooms and build stronger personal connections with students. For administrators, Classcraft’s ability to measure and promote student engagement in real time helps them advance initiatives like SEL, PBIS, and personalized learning.

Classcraft is successful in driving motivation for two main reasons: gaming’s cultural relevance among young people, and the power of games to create sustained engagement.


Classcraft helps educators do three main things:

  • Develop students’ non-cognitive skills. By promoting skills like communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking, Classcraft helps educators prepare students for success in school and in life.
  • Personalize existing curriculum. By allowing teachers to turn their existing lesson plans into personalized quests, Classcraft makes learning into a shared experience.
  • Understand what’s working and not working. Classcraft’s real-time data and analytics that help educators make better, more confident decisions.

When students demonstrate good behaviors in school — like doing their homework, helping other students, or performing well academically — teachers can use Classcraft to reward Experience Points (XP) to the student. Over time, earning XP allows students to earn real privileges that they actually care about.

Classcraft offers teachers tools like:

  • Classroom management. Build a positive culture with tools like Random Events or the Volume Meter.
  • Formative assessment. Start a collaborative monster battle where the whole class works together with Boss Battles.
  • Communication. Stay connected with your students through in-app messaging.
  • Personalized learning. Quests enable teachers to turn their lesson plans into personalized, self-paced learning adventures for students. Our Quest Marketplace is stocked with hundreds of lessons and storylines for every subject, grade, and standard.

Classcraft isn’t just for gamer-teachers. It’s for every educator who wants to improve student motivation. With Classcraft, teachers have the ability to choose which tool they use based on what they’re trying to achieve—and what they feel comfortable with—while getting a glimpse of what’s possible as they develop their skills. When all of the teachers in a district are working in harmony to motivate students, that district’s chances of implementing initiatives successfully increases exponentially.

In a survey of more than 1000 teachers, 98% of teachers said that Classcraft increased student engagement. 88% of teachers reported a general increase in academic performance.



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Plan Price Details
Free Free Unlimited students. Full game experience. Parent app. Customer support. Limited avatar customizations.
Premium $8/month Unlimited students. Full game experience. Parent app. Customer support. Full avatar customizations. Gamified LMS. In-class quests. Student analytics.


March 2, 2020

I use this to help them study and get work done faster.

Music Teacher
August 29, 2015

I think it is a neat way to get the students to work a team to manage their behavior.

Math/Science Teacher
May 24, 2015

My students LOVE Classcraft. It has helped with classroom behavior. Students learn to work together as a team. They help their teammates in need. I can also use Classcraft as an academic motivator – giving points to students for answering questions, being on task, or making a passing grade on an assignment. When students are involved with Classcraft, they are involved in class.