Class Act!


Download the full app to input up to 100 classes with unlimited students.

A Class App to ensure your teaching is a Class Act!

This intuitive app is designed to support teachers ‘on the go’ as they assess their students’ progress throughout the lesson.

Simple and quick to use, just tap students on the screen as they progress. The different progress colours give you a visual of how well different students are learning, helping you to direct your questioning and support to individuals or groups.

Single Tap = Red, Double Tap = Amber etc.

Arrange students on the screen into your seating plan for a quick overview of your classroom.

Students’ colours are saved to support your planning and differentiation for next lesson. Quickly reorganise the seating plan using colours or to suit your lesson plan.

Class Act has many other helpful features including:

TWO COLOUR MODES – Normal mode uses a traffic light system (with extension for learners who have moved beyond the original lesson objective), however teachers looking to drive progress up the ladder of cognitive skills can make use of the Bloom’s Taxonomy colour mode.

CLASS NOTES – Use the notes section to easily record observations as the lesson progresses. Notes are saved for future reference.

STUDENT HISTORY – Automatically keeps a record of how individual students have performed in the past.

MARKERS – ‘Marker’ labels can be added to students to represent your chosen characteristics. e.g. ‘Has an Individual Learning Plan/Support Plan’ or simply ‘No Homework’.

RANDOM STUDENT GENERATOR – Use the random student tool when appropriate to direct questions, keeping all students ready to respond.

SEATING PLAN – Absent for a lesson? Simply screenshot your seating plan and current progress assessments to email direct from your iPad with no additional work.

DUPLICATE CLASSES – Classes can be duplicated allowing you to switch between the two colour modes easily, avoiding the need to re-enter students into your class file.

Class Act is suitable for classes of any age, subject or nationality.

We are confident that the flexibility of this app will allow teachers to adapt it to the widest range of contexts and for purposes that we’ve not yet imagined!

Education Establishments: Sign up to the Apple Education Volume Purchase Program to download multiple copies that you can distribute to staff.

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Class Act! Lite Free Compatible with iOS devices.
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