Do you dread exams more than your students because of the hours of grading they bring? Wish you had an easier way to make sense of stacks of course evaluations? Captricity can quickly and cheaply digitize all that information for you.

Captricity offers fast, cheap, and accurate digitization of paper forms. We can enter almost any amount of data from exams, course evaluation forms, permission slips and other standardized forms; no need for special equipment, specially-formatted pages, or contracts.

Who uses captricity?

  • A professor trying to get midterm feedback from her 300-person class
  • A teaching assistant tired of grading too many short answers.
  • An elementary school administrator trying to streamline collection of parents' contact information.


Plan Price Details
Captricity 20 cents per page Includes up to 50 fields per page. For pages that contain over 50 fields, add a half-cent per additional field over 50 to the cost per page. For a limited time during our beta period, new customers will get 25 pages of digitization for free.