With CamScanner, your phone or tablet is actually a portable scanner, with which all your paper documents, receipts, notes, whiteboard discussions can be archived anywhere at anytime. Our Smart Image cropping and Image enhancement algorithm ensures the scanned images perfectly clear and recognizable.

With multiple image processing capability, just feel at ease to make any edits to images without disappointment at the final effect and quality.

Thanks to cloud-computing storage, you can also easily upload and back-up documents or get direct access to your archive via iTunes or wireless network. You can simply manage your archive by tagging, searching and viewing in multi-mode.


  • Scan multi-pages document——Scan and manage your documents which can include many pages.
  • Quickly batch scanning——Continuously batch scanning and no more wait, fast and convenient. (iOS 4.0+)
  • Auto-cropping——Use enhanced image processing algorithms to help perform auto-cropping.
  • Color enhancement——Adjust color and brightness to ultimately make images clear and recognizable.
  • Anti-shake snapshots——Intelligent scene recognition and auto-snapshots when shooting conditions are smart-fit.


  • Creating PDF——Preview and create PDF files. (with or without your notes.)
  • Multi-size PDF supports——Over 10 different sizes of PDF files are available (Letter, A4, B5 and etc.) You also can self-define PDF size or use "Auto-fit" Mode.


  • Fax——Easily send your scanned documents via fax.
  • Save the images to Album——Easily to save the processed images into Album.
  • Email——Send files (PDF) or processed images via email.
  • Uploading——Upload files to online storage such as Google Docs, Evernote, Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk, and etc.
  • Sharing——Get access to your archive via wireless network or iTunes (iOS 4.0+ is needed for iTunes Sharing)


  • Backup and Restoration——You can back up the data into your Mac for highly confidentiality.
  • Passcode Protection——Protect your confidential documents!


  • Add Tags——Each page in the documents can add the tags and search by them.
  • User-defined tags——User-defined tags to archives so as to facilitate management and search.
  • Multiple viewing modes——List view, thumbnail view and classified view are available.
  • Copy/Move——Support copy or move files to easily archive the documents. (iOS 4.0+)
  • Search—-Search achieves by title, tag and note.

CamScanner is a perfect pocket-friendly scanner.


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CamScanner Free Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android.


April 22, 2012

Excellent for getting student work displayed (via tablet/Micro HDMI/Beamer)