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Blooket is a classroom review game that aims to level up classroom engagement by matching action with education to create the ultimate learning experience! Like other classroom review games, it allows you to create your own question sets and then host them during class. Students join in with a unique Game ID on their own devices to compete. However, after this, Blooket becomes very different from common review sites.

Blooket offers a variety of unique game modes with each one having completely unique gameplay. Students can answer questions to compete in races, build a factory, win a battle royale, and so much more coming soon. Also, when students join into a game, they are asked to pick a Blook, which is a little square character that will serve as their avatar for that game. After the game, students can create an account to earn tokens and track their statistics. In their profile, students can see how their stats rank up on a global leaderboard, and they can use their tokens to unlock new Blooks!

While this is all fun, Blooket is also a very effective and safe learning system. Blooket complies with all local and federal regulations and puts the safety of its users and their information above all else. Also, Blooket teaches students without them ever noticing. Students will become so focused on the gamified environment that they will not complain about answering questions and reviewing classroom content. This keeps students overwhelmingly engaged and focused on learning and having fun.

Lastly, Blooket looks to build its community with continued engagement for teachers and students. The helpful discover feature allows teachers to use question sets built by other teachers. In addition, the question set builder is very easy to use and offers a Quizlet convertor so you can turn Quizlet flashcards into a Blooket question set. After every game, teachers can view a report to see how their students performed on the review. This guarantees that you’ll never run out of content, but Blooket goes one step further here. Throughout the year, there are community events that bring new game modes, competitions, Blooks, and so much more. This creates an incredible community and builds the perfect learning environment for teachers and students!


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September 16, 2019

Blooket is a fantastic tool that puts a whole new spin on the classic classroom review. If you’re looking for something way more engaging and exciting than games like Kahoot!, check out Blooket. After testing it in many classrooms, I’ve seen kids become more engaged than ever before. Afterward, students constantly ask to play it again and again.

While it might take a game or two to get used to some of the game modes, once your students figure them out, they’ll be hooked. It’s also super easy to create a question set on whatever I want, and I can make sure students are understanding the content with game history reports. My favorite part is getting a classroom of students to focus all their attention on learning with this gamified style.

Blooket also does an amazing job of interacting with its community. They offer quests with rewards to motivate you to play games. Furthermore, they also motivate students with tokens to unlock some of the rarer Blooks.

I’ve had so much fun working with Blooket so far, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.