We are excited to present Big Seed to a larger audience. This was the first multistep thinking game to incorporate JiJi the penguin. Up until now, it has only been available in schools, which will often have a Big Seed hall of fame. The goal is to unfold the colored “seed” tiles to perfectly fill all the empty cells. Sound easy? Try to get through all ten levels without overheating your cerebral cortex to near boiling levels. If your scorched neurons force you to raise the white flag in defeat, it’ll be infuriating to know that 2nd graders across the country charge through the whole thing as the culmination of MIND Research’s award-wining ST Math curriculum!


  • Fun and intuitive touch-driven controls.
  • Word-free problem solving. Suitable for all ages across the globe.
  • Final levels look deceptively simple, but will challenge even Nobel Laureates.
  • Graphs your progress.
  • Supports multiple profiles.
  • From the award-winning creators of STMath®.
  • All new puzzles for those familiar with the school version.
  • Proceeds support our non-profit mission of elevating math achievement.


Plan Price Details
BigSeed Free Free iPad app.