Create focused bags, containing the best links on your favorite topics.

A bag is a hybrid media container that allows you to organize the links you find most interesting into a cohesive unit.

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Coordinator of Information & Technology Literacy
November 12, 2013

This is a great resource for curating content on the web. Add resources to “bags” that you can then publish and share easily with others. Each “bag” is a container of media resources that you collect and organize based on your own favorite topics.

You can easily add content by using the “Bag It tool” (which is a Chrome browser extension or a Bookmarklet for Firefox and other browsers); which supports the ability to add an item to multiple bags at once. This alone is a GREAT feature that other curation tools often lack (most other tools make it difficult to include content within more than one list).
Another great feature is that when you add a link with BagTheWeb, it often generates a description of the page for you; giving you a summary/overview of what you just “bagged.”
I use this tool to curate articles, tools, and other resources on various topics for teachers in my district. I then share the “bags” via emails, within tweets & Google+ posts, and/or by linking / embedding them within district portals (such as my blog, classes in our Learning Management System, websites, etc.).