Description enables instructors to teach untethered using their tablets and be completely mobile in the classroom. You can now freely walk around the class, never lose eye contact with your students, and keep them engaged.

With tools like a mobile interactive whiteboard, a real time student response system for formative assessments, student collaboration activities, remote desktop, and screen mirroring from both iOS and Android tablets seamlessly integrated within a single solution, instructors now have all the tools to teach with just their tablets.

Annotate is an HTML5 web-app that runs on all HTML5 compliant browsers like Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer on desktops, as well as popular tablets like iPads/ iPad minis, Android Tablets, Windows Surface , Surface Pro, and Kindle Fire HD/HDX. Instructors need to install a small mirror client (Available for Windows as well OS X) on their computers to use the mobile interactive whiteboard, remote desktop control, screen mirroring and screen cast recording features.

Content Creation: Import a variety of content and get started quickly.

  1. Import PowerPoint presentations, PDF Documents, and SMART notebook files. Import files from Box or Dropbox.
  2. Add content using the Pen, Highlighter, Text, Line & Vector Shape tools.
  3. Insert copyright free images using Image search.
  4. Embed videos from YouTube and Khan Academy.

Mobile Interactive Whiteboard & Remote Desktop Control: Be completely mobile in your classroom.

  1. Use virtually any tablet (iPad, Android, Surface/ Pro, Fire HD/X) as a mobile interactive whiteboard. Even works on large screen phones.
  2. Annotate your pages and see it reflected in real-time on a projector or smart board.
  3. Access your PC from your tablet – launch applications, use the keyboard, or control PowerPoint.
  4. Annotate over your PC or Mac’s screen, take screen captures, and embed them into your notebook.

Formative Assessments: Feel the pulse of your class and tailor instruction on the fly.

  1. Real-time, so student responses are available on your dashboard as soon as they submit.
  2. Students can respond using web enabled devices or text messaging (SMS) from cell phones.
  3. 8 different question types supported including open ended, hotspot, and paint/ draw.
  4. Real-time item analysis.
  5. Project student responses on the projector and share it with your class.

Screen Mirroring & Recording: Supplement your teaching with your favorite apps. Flip your classroom in a snap.

  1. Mirror your iPad or Android tablet’s screen to your computer and then to a projector.
  2. Record mirroring streams and add voice overs.
  3. Designed to run even on resource constrained systems running Win XP or Mac OS 10.6.8.

Student Collaboration: Get your entire class to participate. Create, build and work together as a team.

  1. Schedule collaboration activities for up to 35 students to participate simultaneously.
  2. Monitor all student work on your screen in real-time.
  3. Switch between individual student view and combined class view.
  4. Project and annotate over student work.

Reporting: Closely monitor student achievement and progress.

  1. Create courses, enroll students, and publish content.
  2. Access course and student performance reports.
  3. Integrated Gradebook.

Both instructors and students can sign up for free accounts. Some premium features require a paid account. Currently, all paid plans are on promotion at 50% off.


Plan Price Details
Instructor (Educational License) Starter Free 500 MB Storage, all whiteboarding tools, remote desktop control, create unlimited courses, 15 minutes of screen mirroring time daily without audio support, record mirroring streams with voice overs, maximum 4 students per collaboration session.
Student Starter Free Join one regular enrollment course, access instructor published content, and participate in formative assessments for that course.
Instructor (Educational License) Pro $19.99/year 2 GB Storage, all whiteboarding tools, remote desktop control, create unlimited courses, unlimited screen mirroring time with full audio streaming, record mirroring streams with voice overs, up to 35 students per collaboration session.
Student Pro $9.99/six months or 15.99/year Join unlimited regular and large enrollment course, access instructor published content, participate in formative assessments and collaboration activities for all courses.