All Here


What is All Here!:

  • Attendance Tracking
  • Take attendance by photo or name
  • Reminder Alarms
  • Export/Email Report CSVs
  • Import students with DropBox
  • Email Absent Students
  • Auto & Random Grouping of students
  • Learn Students with Memory Game

Need to take Attendance? Need to email all the absent students with one click? Need to export attendance records? Need to set an alarm to remind you to take attendance? Need to quickly make randomized groups? Maybe you need to learn student names in a hurry?

If you said yes to any or all of these, you’re in luck. ALL HERE is an app designed for taking attendance and so much more. Import rosters from dropbox, add student photos, and make the attendance work for you, it’s that easy. Tap the student’s picture once to mark them present, tap twice to mark as absent, or tap three times for tardy. Better yet, if they are all here, simply tap the “All Here” button to mark them all as present.

Need to email those absent students? With one click you can email all absent students, or even all students! Use the name game to learn student’s names quickly, match the face with the name! Create groups of students with just a tap and email that list if you like! Attendance is something we teachers do every day, with this app you can do so much more!

Import Class Lists with DropBox!

To use Dropbox:

  1. Make a CSV file for each class with these five headers:

    First Name | Last Name | Notes | Parent E-mail | Student E-mail

  2. Save the CSV to your dropbox account
  3. When you add/edit a course tap the button for ‘Import from Dropbox’


Plan Price Details
All Here $0.99 Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.