Ahaaa Math


Ahaaa Math is a technology-based and educational app created specifically for K-12 math learners. We support over 10,000 math activities with a deeply immersive experience. Fun rewards keep children motivated and engaged in practice. The biggest win is the fact that children are truly engaged!

Ahaaa Math uses technology as a tool to motivate K-12 learners to explore the FUN of math. We believe all children can have success in math and have fun along the way. Our vision is to transform the process of math learning by using visualization, gamification, AI, etc. Combining the best of technology and traditional math education, Ahaaa Math educates and entertains children in equal measure.

Ahaaa Math wants to build a world where math is visible and hands-on!

Ahaaa Math is the winner of the following awards: Mom’s Choice Awards, National Parenting Product Awards, and Tillywig Brain Child Awards.



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May 5, 2022

As one of the most reasonable mathematics software on the market. It support over 5000 math activities. The graphics and sounds in Ahaaa Math are clear and colorful without being distracting, and instructions on the screen are visual. Ahaaa Math makes math more interesting than typical textbooks, and also does a good job at gamifying the learning process.

The developers of Ahaaa Math have taken special care to create a math tool that is safe for kids, inclusive of different learning abilities, and aligned to math educational standards and best practices.