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July 26, 2018

I purchased the service in order to transfer Google Hangouts emails from one Gmail account to another. Went through the entire process and received an email informing me of the “successful completion of zero emails transferred”. Contacted their Customer Service about the issue and was informed that Google Hangouts emails were not supported by the service. Since this was my sole purpose for using the application and it was evident from the logs that I had received no benefit, I politely requested a refund.

They took a day to respond but eventually informed me that a refund had been processed. When the refund did not appear in my account more than a week later I contacted them requesting that they double check and confirm that the refund went through. When no response was received, I reiterated the request on the following day. And again on the next. And the next.

My communications were patently ignored, and I was never refunded. A company that does not deliver on promises and ignores communications is not to be trusted by consumers.