Ms. Vivian Nelson

Education and Technology Consultant


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I teach: Technology, Computers


November 4, 2013

I needed a quick online survey and found this form builder pretty easy to use. Dragging and dropping the different form fields was sometimes tricky. They didn’t always drop where I wanted them to. But it was easy to figure out how everything worked. It is nice that you can try building a form for free too, though they only allow 100 respondents per month in the free account.

For a quick and easy survey sent out just to my department, this is an easy solution.

April 29, 2013

This is a very handy site. It doesn’t require an account. You can just bookmark a hashtag and visit it whenever you would like. To get you started, gather a list of education hashtags you would like to follow. There are lots:

As an added bonus, if you do create an account, you can do so with your Twitter account and do all the usual Twitter functions, such as reply, retweet, and favorite.

Another bonus: this is a great way to expand your PLN. You’ll find lots of great thinkers and educators here.