Mr. Eric Braun

CEO & Co-Founder at 30hands Learning, Inc.


A super nice member!

I teach: Business And Entrepreneurship, Instructional Technology, Course Design

To ages: 16 to 22+


Rather than turning reading into a game, this tool adds a multimedia dimension to stories for kids. This is great, because it encourages actual reading and sends the message that “reading is fun”. The stories are fun by themselves, and they provide learning questions and activities for deeper learning.

November 5, 2013

We created 30hands Mobile, because we wanted to have a tool like this.

I often break my students into teams and have the, jointly create a presentation that teaches a concept we are learning at the time. I also create lessons or presentations to use in class and on the web.

I really like the ability to iterate. I never get recording right the first time, and often I want to rearrange slides and add to the presentation. The app makes change very simple.