Charlie Grahn

Teacher at Miami-Dade County Public Schools


A super nice member!

I teach: Reading

To ages: 7 to 9


September 8, 2015

AVOID this company at all cost. I mean that literally. Animoto is a company that likes to steal from its customers! I should have read reviews on them before trying them out. Long story short, i singed up for a FREE trial (my first mistake) and was charged a full year fee of $250. After many attempts at communicating with a human being (only thru their “customer service” portal) They finally agreed to refund me the $ and close the account. I decided NEVER to use their service but i should have checked that the account was closed (my second mistake). I recently received an email from them asking me why i hadn’t used their service in so long. I decided to check and found that they had been charging me since December 2014, $39 monthly (their most expensive “Pro” account). I immediately contacted them again, and once more after several attempts, the most i got was someone responding that they would refund me 2 months. I threatened legal action and was passed on to a “manager” who would not even give me his name. he said it was my fault and after i even suggested i was willing to take a $100 hit for not checking the account sooner, he refused any further communication. They have no customer service skills and don’t care about their customers in general. Read other reviews out there on BBB about their billing practices and fraudulently billing people for charges they have not agreed to like me. I am a school teacher on a budget and they robbed me.

Don’t do business with them.