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I am Łukasz and I like to be in control of my finances
Hi, my name is Łukasz. I am an ordinary guy who cares about my finances. Thanks to simple habits, I decide what I spend my money on, and not let my wallet rule.

In my 26 years of life, I have been a freelancer, entrepreneurs, full-time employee and volunteer. I found out for myself how much work is worth, a missed purchase of shares, and on the other hand, a successful business project and solid investments.

Łukasz Rosicki
Although there is still a lot ahead of me, thanks to good and bad experiences I keep my feet firmly on the ground, I make decisions based on knowledge and experience, and above all, I consistently implement my plans.

I earned my first money on the internet in high school
When I was 16, I started earning money on the Internet for the first time – about 5 zlotys per hour writing texts about the end of the world and theories straight from the “X Archives”. I had a light pen since I was a child, and no essay was terrible – just like creating websites that I started creating in FrontPage at the age of 7.

I started using the latter skill commercially when I was 18, but at the time it was just an add-on for me. Writing was definitely a better business for me. Between 2014 and 2016, I ran a few blogs, most of which I sold and are still profitable businesses for their new owners.

Studies – learning about the value of money and a period of painful failure
The business with pages and custom texts was booming, but I was still making less money. At that time, I was also seriously considering taking up a full-time job to earn some extra money for my modest student scholarship. However, I knew that if I wanted to be a diligent student, I couldn’t work for too long – most of my friends who joined the corporation in college did not finish their studies at all.

There was only one solution – the stakes had to be raised. I decided to switch from the rate of about PLN 10 / h to PLN 100 / h. Have I lost clients? On the contrary – I started to work 2 times less (about 8-10 hours a week) and earn 5 times more! Higher earnings turned out to be a springboard to start your own business and achieve the same with even less work (4-5 hours a week)!

Thanks to “compressing” my work to a minimum with acceptable earnings (I preferred to work less than have more on my account), I was able to fulfill myself better as a student and finally I graduated with a very good result, with the prospect of a further academic career. Unfortunately, the big financial leap also became a jump for bad decisions – I invested in stocks that I was not ready for.

Although I successfully controlled my finances in college, and on this blog I inspired my friends to do the same, I had mishaps. One of them was the unfortunate purchase of shares in two companies from the NewConnect market. Driven by the desire to make a quick profit, I bought papers on which there was serious speculation. Loss? Over 70%, but I will not sell some of the shares because the company has probably permanently dropped out of the market.

The final balance of studies was positive – I finished the economy as a top student, and with a work week worthy of Tim Ferris, I saved for the first car, a good vacation, half a year of a “hard reset” away from work and some savings for a great new 2020 year.

Full-time job – time to look for yourself
After graduation, I knew two things. Firstly, that I am the type of entrepreneur, and secondly, that I will learn more about business by working in a larger company. There could only be one decision. Without blinking an eye, I closed the company, started looking for a job in line with my education and decided to give myself at least a few years

At the beginning of 2020, I started working in a large business environment institution that supports entrepreneurs in the development of exports. It is there that for over a year I have been honing my competences in the field of European projects, SME support and business internationalization.

After a year of full-time employment, I am sure that it was the right decision and, as I expected, more developmental than a sole proprietorship.

In all these experiences, however, I had a thought

“I have to control the money, not let the money control me”

How do I do it?
I like to earn money wisely – first think carefully what you need to do to solve the problem and then find the optimal solution.
I like to save wisely – I put aside money to have a safety cushion, finance my dreams and passions. The view of the next numbers on the account does not give me as much fun as the things that I can buy with them.
I like to invest smart – after getting stuck with stocks, I prefer to be safe 5% than 50% with a risk of losing 70%. I also realized that studying companies is not for me, so I prefer alternative forms of investment – including my own projects, which have not disappointed me yet.
I like to spend smart – since I can finally make my dreams come true, it does not mean that I have to overpay tens of thousands. Thanks watching

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