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EducationPlus is a non-profit educational service agency that brings member school districts together to share resources, information and ideas through exemplary, nationally-recognized services in educational technology, cooperative purchasing, staff development and more. EducationPlus is a voluntary, membership-driven organization with member schools in the Greater St. Louis metropolitan area.
EducationPlus was founded in 1928 as Cooperating School Districts (CSD) by a group of school superintendents who joined together to share ideas and share resources. Today, EducationPlus displays the power of collaboration by bringing school districts together to network on education issues, save money for the classrooms and enhance classroom instruction through staff development training and programs.
The METC is the edtech program of EducationPlus and advocates for equitable access and innovative practices for technology integration. The METC is a premier ISTE affiliate and one of ten partner training centers for ISTE Certification as well as Google Apps for Education, Microsoft EDU, STEM, PBL, and Computer Science instructional support. Our experienced instructors provide traditional, blended, and online professional development in a variety of methods and platforms. Learn more at or

I teach: adults

To ages: 1 to 22


June 18, 2020

Great tool and easy to use.