Mrs. Cindy Kennedy

teacher at South Livingston Elementary School


I help students with disabilities to access the general education curriculum. I have been working with students in the Livingston County (KY) School District since 2011.

I teach: Special Education, reading, math, writing, alternate assessment life skills reading/writing/math/science/social studies

To ages: 5 to 12


January 18, 2016

I love to use current event passages or high-interest articles in these maze passages. Students are more engaged that way and better able to select the correct word based upon the context clues. This maze generator will even give you multiple readability estimates on a passage so that you know whether you are differentiating for the student’s independent reading level.

January 18, 2016

This could be a game changer for students with dysgraphia whose handwriting is illegible. They and their teachers will finally be able to read what they have written. Study sheets will now be useful as intended because the student can read the answers they typed into the sheet.