Mr. Drew McELwain


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October 5, 2014

Voki is a great online classroom that is used for middle schoolers and under. You can create profile pictures that are fun and entertaining that actually talk to you. There is a wide variety you can choose from. There are people like Jesus, Gandhi, and even talking corn with purple hair. You can put your own voice in their or even just type in what you have to say and it will read it for you! The only drawbacks about that are you can only use a minute of audio per lesson and sometimes it cannot pronounce the words even close to what you mean. The only thing I would change about the characters is how you cannot make serious people in the website. They are all juvenile and corny (pun intended).
There are many great uses for Voki. Say you have a collaboration project for middle school kids. They can all go on the website and work on their assignments. If they are home sick or on a vacation they can go online and finish them and stay on top of their school work. If they have other problems working in class, as in not being able to focus, they could really benefit and use this tool to their advantage. Younger aged kids will also get some entertainment through Voki and will actually have good time learning on it and not just mopping around.
I found Voki to be very useful and interactive. It was easy to use so even the older generation of teachers will be able to figure it out quickly. I used it for a day and I was already a master of the free version. It would have taken me a little while longer to figure out the thirty dollar a year one but I feel like it wouldn’t have made that much of a difference. I would highly recommend for the Blue Valley School District to start using this for 3rd graders and up to increase learning.