Mr. Derek Ziesmer

Success Coordinator at Forest City Middle School


A super nice member!

I teach: At-Risk/Counseling

To ages: 9 to 15


December 3, 2015

Class Dojo has been phenomenal for the At-Risk students and their parents. I utilized this as a reward system for good behavior, related to work ethic, responsibility, respect, attendance and self-reflection. The main strengths are the ease of use and cost (FREE!) I do not know of any weaknesses as of yet. I have customized it, by creating certain behaviors I am wanting the students in y room to exhibit and/or not exhibit. I will reward positive or negative points to them based upon their behaviors daily. I also communicate with teachers and parents this way utilizing the class story and messaging features.

I would highly recommend this and there are multiple teachers in our school that use this! It is very helpful in terms of keeping the at-risk middle school students on the right track.