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Frequently Asked Questions

What is edshelf?

edshelf is a directory of tools for education. You can search and filter for specific tools, rate and review tools you've used, access your tools with a single sign-on, receive recommended and featured tools, create collections of tools, and share your collections with friends and colleagues. Here is a general overview:

Who is edshelf's intended audience?

Anyone who is educating themselves or someone else, such as parents, teachers, professors, instructors, trainers, tutors, coaches, homeschoolers, self-motivated learners, etc.

Who is behind edshelf?

We are a team of software engineers with experience building large-scale consumer and enterprise applications for companies such as Yahoo, Microsoft, TripIt, CBS, E.piphany, Ernst & Young, and a handful of other startups. We all have family and friends who are educators. The idea for this service was even hatched by a couple of passionate educators, then expanded with the help of other generous educators (thank you all!).

How much does edshelf cost?

edshelf is free to parents & educators. We make money from the merchants listed on this site. Our recommendations and search results are NEVER influenced by merchants. Their ratings and rankings are controlled purely by you, our members. The lack of an unbiased way to find the most effective tools for education is exactly why we started this service.

Can I add tools to edshelf?

Yup. You can add a tool directly into edshelf. A temporary profile will be created for the tool with minimal information. Then our team will fill in the rest of the profile. In the meantime, you can include the newly added tool in your collections.

All additions are moderated so we can maintain a high-quality directory. Please give us several days to update the tools you add.

I am an app developer; how did my app get added to edshelf?

Any of our members can add a tool to edshelf. They usually do so because they use it themselves and want to share it with others. If you have been added, congratulations! Someone out there likes your app!

How can I change the information about a tool on edshelf?

We will eventually allow app developers to own and manage their tool profiles on our service. Until that functionality is ready, we would be glad to make revisions on your behalf. Just contact us and let us know what should be changed.

What is a collection?

A collection is a group of tools that you can put together, much like a list of restaurants on Yelp, a list of books on Amazon, or a board of links & images on Pinterest. Members have created thematic collections around particular tasks, subjects, projects, classrooms, or age groups. Many even have collections of their favorite tools and tools they want to check out later.

How do I create a collection?

This video tutorial will show you how to create a collection:

How do I print a collection?

This video tutorial will show you how to print a collection, complete with QR codes for each tool:

How does Single Sign-On work?

If you have accounts with Google, Facebook, and/or Twitter, we can use those accounts to automatically sign you in to tools that also use those services. Just link your Google, Facebook, and/or Twitter accounts with your edshelf account. We do not see those passwords at all; that information is entirely hidden from us.

Which tools have Single Sign-On?

Only the websites that use Google, Facebook, and/or Twitter as a means to log in offer this functionality to us. We are exploring other ways to enable a Single Sign-On for all tools.

What does the term XYZ mean?

Every industry has its own jargon. The field of education technology is no different. That is why we put together The Education Technology Dictionary to help you understand the terminology you may see here.

I see an error, where can I report it?

Oops! Please contact us and we will look into it right away.