Zoom In to US History


The Zoom In online platform features 18 skill-focused, document-rich lessons that address every era of U.S. history. Each interactive inquiry engages students in reading documents closely, gathering evidence, and writing an argumentative or explanatory essay.

Rich primary and secondary texts are at the core of Zoom In lessons, giving voice to multiple perspectives on key moments in U.S. history. Speeches, letters, political cartoons, oral histories, audio recordings, photographs and essays by historians — all have been adapted to balance authenticity and challenge with accessibility for middle and high school readers.

Interactive writing templates help scaffold student writing, using interactive outlines, tips, and sentence starters. Teachers can differentiate instruction by assigning individual students either a high or low level of writing support.

The tool’s dashboard allows teachers to monitor students’ progress and to assess student notes and writing using standards-based rubrics.

Each Zoom In lesson is complete and ready to be used with your students. Lessons also feature in-depth teacher guides with information on the historical period, ideas for how to support discussion, and cues for you to help your students excel.

Zoom In is completely free. Create your own teacher account to get started today!

  • Create a free teacher account (student accounts are free as well): http://app.zoomin.edc.org/users/register/signup-teacher
  • Browse Zoom In’s US history lessons: http://zoomin.edc.org/browse-lessons
  • View the teacher guides: http://zoomin.edc.org/teachers/teacher-guides
  • Watch videos to see what Zoom In looks like in the classroom: http://zoomin.edc.org/teachers/the-zoom-in-inquiry-arc


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