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Zoho Docs is a secure online document management service that allows you to store, manage and keep a track of all your files from one central location. It offers intuitive features that make it much simpler to upload, create, edit documents and share them with individuals or groups, anytime, anywhere.

Online File Storage

Upload and store all your files, in any format and manage them anytime, anywhere

Secure File Sharing

Share files with users or groups and set access permissions to keep them secure


Create a central repository to share folders and invite users to collaboratively view, edit and upload documents

Admin Console

Set user permissions and manage access control to keep your documents secure

Online Chat

Voice your opinion and exchange feedback in real-time

Full-text Search

Find the right document in no time by searching with a single word or an entire phrase


Keep document changes in a collaborative environment under control and prevent overwriting


Email documents directly from any of your existing mail accounts to your Zoho Docs account


1 workspace, 1GB of storage.
15-day trial, 10 workspaces, 1GB of storge, check-in/check-out control, revisioning, bulk upload, group management, admin console.
15-day trial, 20 workspaces, 1GB of storage, check-in/check-out control, revisioning, bulk upload, group management, admin console, email files into folders, share files externally.


Jack Peters

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All these features are available in Google docs, which also is an added advantage since I am using all of it from Gmail account, hence I don see anything really different from what Google docs is offering. Recently was watching some of the products which were launched at Demo Conference in the US and came across this tool called CollateBox, saw their presentation which spoke about sharing at bit level precisely at single row/column level. That's interesting to check out.

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