Zinc Learning Labs


Zinc offers vocabulary, differentiated non-fiction reading, assessments and detailed reports to bolster middle and high school literacy instruction and support test prep. Zinc’s offerings align to Common Core State Standards and tests like the SAT, ACT and PARCC exam.


Plan Price Details
Zinc Learning Labs $10/year per student Free one month trial.


November 24, 2015

You assign articles and quizzes or allow students to have free choice. The articles can be filtered by topic, literacy skills, CCSS, length and difficulty level. The vocabulary can also be assigned or done with free choice. It goes from 6th grade to college level in difficulty. Teachers can paste in text if they want vocab sets to be customized to what they’re teaching. There are also test prep sets. The great vocab features are spaced repetition (students see the same words multiple times over several weeks) and the different modes, so that all kinds of learners are engaged.