Zimmer Twins at School

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Zimmer Twins at School bundles the fun moviemaker children love with new class management tools teachers will adore.


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Instructional Specialist
June 24, 2016

1. Basic digital storytelling. Introduced to 3rd & 4th graders.
2.+: Uses limited number of options for students to build a sequential story. Engaging.
-: Can’t save movies in free version. Limitations may be frustrating for students 5th gr and above.
3. Introduction to digital storytelling, comic creation. Sequencing of story. Students shared completed stories using screen sharing (teacher led).
Looking for clear Beginning-Middle-End. Conflict-Resolution.
4. Yes. Super easy to get kids started. Requires basically no instruction from teacher since site instructions are clear. Be sure to include requirements of students or it can simply be a play time.

Instructional Specialist
February 9, 2016

Zimmer Twins at School is a great little site to introduce students to digital storytelling. The choices are limited so younger kids don’t get lost in the story or the technology, but it offers enough engagement and fun that kids don’t realize that there are storytelling basics of characters, plot, sequence, etc.

I use this tool with 3rd graders to introduce them to interactive online storytelling. Minimal learning curve, high engagement. Requires teacher to put focus on learning & getting something out of it rather than just playing.

I recommend using it with younger students who may not have experience with online storytelling.

The free version does not allow saving of movies students create.