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YouTube EDU Free Educational videos that range from academic lectures to inspirational speeches and everything in between.


a teacher
August 30, 2012

You Tube is used to upload videos in order to share with friends, families and the rest of the world, after creating presentation you can create account on You Tube and sign up, go to email account and verify by clicking the link send by You Tube. Share slides from presentation, upload it to YouTube without making any payment.You Tube is use to watch video, in order for you to view a video you need to get accessed to internet, that is you should have either computer laptop or compatible phone that can access internet. Enter You Tube website and write the name of the video you want and then search, in few seconds the name of video will definitely come out, select the choice of video you want to play if they are several select and click the arrow and play the song.

Advertisement can be made using You Tube, it can be made before the beginning of a video or when the video is in progress. Here You Tube has been used as informative media on products in the market. You Tube can be used to launch videos like songs for the first time and see if the quality of the video you produce meets the demand in the market. You Tube is easier to use and faster when using it. You Tube can be used to link various videos and share with friends and families. You Tube should not only be used to watch funny videos or for entertainment alone, but also to share knowledge and show area of expertise for one. It can be used to identify market for product.