You Make Me Sick


In You Make Me Sick, students take on the role of a pathogen and custom design their disease to infiltrate a variety of unique target hosts. As they progress, they must improve their infectious properties in order to infect hosts that have progressively stronger defenses (like antibiotics and stellar hygiene), ultimately learning about the anatomy and function of bacteria and viruses and how they are spread.

This game is designed to be used in inclusive science classrooms that have a diverse range of students (e.g., average and above average students, students with high incidence disabilities, English language learners, and students who struggle with reading). It is designed using the Universal Design for Learning framework, strategically aligned to key state standards, and formulated to integrate seamlessly with existing curricula.


  • Explain some of the ways that people can avoid bacterial and viral infection
  • Describe the anatomy and functions of bacteria and viruses
  • Describe how bacteria and viruses reproduce and carry out life functions
  • Evaluate how lifestyle choices and environments (e.g., tobacco, drug, and alcohol use, amount of exercise, quality of air, and kinds of food) affect the immune system in the human body
  • Collaborate with other students to generate creative solutions to a problem, and apply methods for making trade-offs to choose the best solution


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