Wuzzit Trouble


The Wuzzits need your help! In Wuzzit Trouble, your job is to free the lovable Wuzzits from the traps they’ve inadvertently wandered into inside the castle. Use your puzzle-solving skills to unlock the Wuzzits’ cages by gathering keys. Along the way you can also give the Wuzzits treats and collect special items from each of the rooms you explore. But take care to avoid dangerous hazards in your path!

Wuzzit Trouble, in addition to being a fun game for everyone to play, also helps develop mathematical conceptual thinking skills. Unlike so many math games that focus on basic computational skills, Wuzzit Trouble aims to help players increase their critical 21st century mathematics competencies.

The game is built around the important mathematical concept of integer partitions – the expression of a whole number as a sum of other whole numbers. At the easiest levels of the puzzle, these provide engaging practice in basic arithmetic, leading to arithmetical fluency, but that’s just the start. Integer partitions is a major area of mathematics, still being worked on today by leading mathematicians. Though freeing the Wuzzits won’t take you into those dizzy realms, as you move up through the levels you will face challenges that increasingly require higher-order arithmetical thinking, algebraic thinking, strategy design and modification, and algorithm design, all crucial abilities in today’s world. With not a paper and pencil in sight, every time you attempt to maximize your score as you free a Wuzzit, you will be developing and applying valuable conceptual, analytic thinking skills that sharpen your mind.

Key Features:

  • Fun for everyone in the family to play
  • Designed to develop mathematical conceptual thinking skills relevant to success in the 21st century
  • 75 different puzzles and three different star ratings per puzzle
  • Innovative gear-based gameplay
  • Lovable new characters
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Special collectibles to store in your Trophy Room
  • No third-party advertising
  • No in-app purchases

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Wuzzit Trouble Free This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.


technology team
August 31, 2013

Fun, strategy game. Solve puzzles to save Wuzzits. Develop mathematical and algebraic thinking skills. The game should be on every elementary and middle school classroom’s iPad/iPod. I’m not usually a game player, but I found it to be fun and engaging.