Write-on Video


Write-on Video is a user-friendly tool that allows you to annotate and animate videos and pictures. Arrange photos and videos into a stunning slideshows complemented by free-hand drawing, text boxes, stamps, and sound clips. Write-on Video automatically organizes each annotated frame into a storyboard so that you can add comments and information beside each scene. All text in the storyboard is true text that can be edited in reader apps.

Here’s just a few examples of what Write-on Video can do for you:

  1. Create an engaging story or tutorial video: use subtitles to illustrate key points in each scene.
  2. Personalize your digital album by annotating photos with free-hand writing and stamps.
  3. Produce screencasting script: annotated scenes are automatically transformed into a storyboard slideshow so that you can add your comments beside each scene.
  4. Transform your project portfolio into a unique video-slideshow to impress.
  5. Remodel your travel log into a story illustrated with the video and photos from your trip.
  6. Take notes on educational videos (The Guardian, for example), and add your thoughts to each scene.
  7. Produce lecture notes based on videos, and include imported notes beside each scene.

Immediately share your animated videos to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Evernote® to get your work noticed.

No more plain photo collages. Write-on video helps you to create interactive and engaging videos so that you can easily express yourself in an effective way.

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Flexible Annotation Editing

  • Decorate your images and videos with more than 200 build-in stickers and stamps.
  • Edit your annotation with style: size, color, font style.
  • Long tap the annotation object to rearrange its position on the timeline.
  • Simply drag the beginning and end point of an annotation to adjust the length of time it shows on the screen.
  • Support full-screen mode


  • Each annotation is automatically generated into a slide on the storyboard.
  • You can input any thoughts or text beside the annotation slide.
  • Unlike in other apps, all annotations appear as true text, that can be copied and selected in other reader apps.
  • Save the storyboard as JPEG or editable PDF.

Multiple Import and Export Options

  • Import sources from the built-in browser, Evernote®, camera, and photo library.
  • Simply tap to download photos and videos from the browser
  • Merge your videos with annotations.
  • Export your videos as storyboards in JPEG or PDF formats.

Import from Evernote®

  • Import photos saved in your Evernote® account.
  • Preview your Evernote® contents before downloading.
  • Sort Evernote® notes by tags and notebooks.
  • Support searching notes in your Evernote® account.

Share your moments

  • Directly upload your videos on YouTube and Facebook.
  • Share your storyboard on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and Evernote®
  • Email the storyboard to share your work or directly open your file in other apps for further use.

We value our customers’ opinions and feedback but we cannot answer you in the iTunes comments. Please contact us directly at [email protected] for questions and suggestions. Most problems can be solved easily and immediately, feel free to contact us and we’d be more than happy to assist you in a timely manner!

* Please note that not every online video resource can be downloaded due to copyright setting stipulated by the owner of the said resource.


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Write-on Video - Explain, Express, and Share with Your Own Words! $2.99 Compatible with iOS devices.


March 18, 2014

My kid uses this app to create a video presentation that combine videos and images.You can add stamps, text boxes and free-hand writing. Recommend to everyone who wants to have an unique visual presentation in schools.