Word Joust for 6-8


Word Joust for Grades 6-8: Encourage your students or children to play it daily & watch their vocabulary improve dramatically. Ideal for elementary school students & English Language Learners (ELL/ESL).

This version is specifically designed for intermediate school students (6th – 8th grade) and English language learners (ELL) with grade-appropriate words compiled by Questar Assessment, Inc. The words represent a quantitative summary of the printed vocabulary encountered by students in American schools & are created from more than 60,000 samples of text from more than 6,000 textbooks, works of literature, and popular works of fiction and nonfiction.

With Word Joust for 6-8, knaves (i.e., you) will master the 3000 most popular words using in intermediate school reading materials. Delivered as mini word games set on a medieval battle field, Word Joust makes learning new words easy and fun.


Skewer (with your petard) five words at a time with fun war games set in the medieval times. Each victory gives you points to move up the ranks from apprentice to the master.

  • Scramble – Unscamble words as fast as you can
  • Troll Trickery – Match words & definitions
  • Labyrinth of Letters – Word search
  • Cohorts of Soldiers – Battle the words
  • Hangman – Guess the word

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Featured by EdSurge and Fast Company.


  • Includes 3000 age-appropriate words for grades 6-8
  • Five fun and effective vocabulary games
  • Adaptive game-play to adjust to your level
  • Track your performance


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Word Joust for 6-8 Free Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.