What Came First

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This is an interactive game that gives students a fun approach to for students play a choosing game in which students must answer quickly to get more points. Students are provided visual prompts and they must click which one is older these prompts come with architectural symbols, museums, pictures of artists, and many more (Kharbach, 2021). Students can learn more about the visual prompts by scrolling down which is beneficial for students to learn more about other cultures.


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July 28, 2022

Teachers can learn how to use this site to engage students in learning about various cultures throughout history in a fun game in which they can work with a partner or in a group. To implement this resource for teachers it should be introduced in a short workshop in which teachers play this game and how they can implement it in their class or club period. This resource fosters global cultural awareness because it has historical and current kinds of arts and famous persons throughout history in which students must guess which image is older and read more about it after the fact. This would be positive for classroom engagement, in which students will be intrigued to learn more about other cultures by playing this chronological order game.