Voxy is an exciting, award-winning way to learn a language from life. Based on leading language learning principles and the latest technology, our integrated Web and mobile platform accelerates learning and creates a highly effective, immersive experience. This means no more boring textbooks and mindless verb conjugations. Voxy is the best way to learn a language anywhere, anytime, from the real-world content that interests you the most.

For your web browser

  • Hot-off-the-press Headlines that have been transformed into bite-sized language lessons
  • Life Skills language courses (e.g. banking, shopping)
  • Addicting games
  • Quick comprehension quizzes
  • Personalized curriculum, including a useful To-Do List

For your mobile device

  • Web features to-go: Headlines, quizzes, personalized curriculum
  • Location-based language lessons with phrases you might hear or need to say
  • Camera-enabled photo flashcards with on-demand translations
  • SMS quizzes (available on all SMS-capable phones)

Available langauges

  • English for Spanish speakers (Web, mobile)
  • English for Brazilian Portuguese speakers (mobile)


Plan Price Details
Basic Free 1 new lesson daily, 20 articles/month, 20 words and phrases/month, and mobile access.
Motivated Contact for pricing Lessons based on a wide range of interesting topics, 6 new lessons daily, 120 articles + 1200 words and phrases/month, activities to improve your comprehension, and total mobile access.


August 31, 2012

This is a beta program, meaning that it is still in the development phase. The have a private beta, which means you have to sign up to even VIEW the program. Those are the cons. The idea is based on solid language learning theory and the potential is huge. It is basically individualized learning with materials and topics that are high interest for you. It is very reasonably priced at 9.99 per month.