With VoiceThread, group conversations are collected and shared in one place from anywhere in the world. All with no software to install.

A VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that holds images, documents, and videos and allows people to navigate slides and leave comments in 5 ways – using voice (with a mic or telephone), text, audio file, or video (via a webcam). Share a VoiceThread with friends, students, and colleagues for them to record comments too.

Users can doodle while commenting, use multiple identities, and pick which comments are shown through moderation. VoiceThreads can even be embedded to show and receive comments on other websites and exported to MP3 players or DVDs to play as archival movies.


Plan Price Details
Class Subscription $60/yr Create 50 student accounts. Admin tool for teachers and classes.


October 6, 2014

A web tool needs to be easy to use, starting with the set up. No one will use the tool if they can’t figure out how to start. The set up process on VoiceThread was extremely easy. All that’s need is name, email, and password.
There is a 30 day free trial once set up is complete so the customer can see how they like the product before paying for it. No one, no matter what tool it is, will pay money for a product when they don’t even know what it does.
VoiceThread is very helpful in education. It provides a new, fun, interactive way for students to present. It also is helpful in a class room setting because other students and teachers can comment on the presentation using a voice comment, a video, or a text. This way student can edit each other’s presentation in an organized way.
In the business world VoiceThread can help pull in a customer or target audience by the different ways of presentation. It’s a creative way to get the point across without losing the audience in everything that’s going on. You can also browse other peoples VoiceThreads for information on a project or assignment that’s needed.

October 3, 2014

VoiceThread is designed to be a great way to work on group projects and collaborate with fellow classmates about videos and word docs. I think that this tool had intentions of being a good idea, just very poorly executed. I was confused on how to use the tool the entire time and could not even find a ‘help’ option. I strongly advise staying away from this tool.

Online English and Biology Teacher
September 11, 2012

VoiceThread is a great way to create group projects and presentations. It is a multimedia slide show that allows you to leave comments for each slide; these comments could be in the form of voice, text or video. For a nominal annual fee, it is a great tool that makes working on projects easier and more convenient. I use this tool, while working on research projects with my High School and College students. They share images or videos, and I can easily comment on them, and instruct accordingly. I have found it to be quite useful when working on group projects. I would recommend it to teachers and all students.

September 8, 2012

Voice Thread is a site that allows you to upload pictures, then make voice recordings about the image. There are many uses for Voice Thread, from narratives on vacation pictures to online presentations.

I like using Voice Thread as a mode for book reports. Students can find the uploaded book cover, then post comments about what they read. It's interactive and easy to use.

Early Childhood Ed Teacher and Freelance Copy Editor
August 29, 2012

For a nominal fee educators are able to upload images or Power Point slides to a platform on the Internet so that others can collaborate and comment on them, and VoiceThread makes this possible.

As an elementary teacher, I like to use VoiceThread as a class project by creating or taking pictures, uploading them, then asking each student to talk or write about the images. Each child is commenting on the same image, therefore creating a collaborative collection of responses. In higher level grades, VoiceThread can used to ask students to comment on a piece of writing or a Power Point presentation.

I highly recommend adding VoiceThread to your bag of teaching tools. For the price, it is a great way to get unify your class and get your students talking!