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Regardless of your education level or age, Vocabulary.com will help you to master the words that are essential to academic and business success.

We teach you useful words.

We don’t waste your time. We start by looking at books, periodicals, and other material that cumulatively contain over 1.6 billion words. From this corpus, we pull out the most essential English vocabulary words, the words that you need to succeed in an academic or business environment. This list serves as the basis for our learning platform.

We teach you only the words that you have trouble with.

Vocabulary.com uses a proprietary technology that we call Adaptive Vocabulary Instruction or AVI. Unlike traditional learning systems, we don’t rely on a series of time-consuming and boring assessments. Instead, everything you do on the site adds to our AVI model. It’s like you have a personal trainer in the room, monitoring your work and suggesting new words and exercises to challenge you on your level. Because of this, you don’t waste your time learning words that are too easy or too hard.

We don’t let you forget.

Finally, we analyze your achievements, and reinforce your skills by reintroducing words at various times to make sure that you are retaining the words you originally learned.


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