Virtual Nerd


Looking for math help? Virtual Nerd offers interactive tutorials for students in grades 6-12. Whatever you’re working on, from fractions basics, to Algebra functions, to solving inequalities, Virtual Nerd complements classroom and private tutoring instruction. Our compelling video tutorials are standards-aligned and designed to give students fundamental understanding of core math concepts, not just easy answers. Built on a patent-pending e-learning platform, Virtual Nerd lets students take control of how they learn.


Plan Price Details
Free Educator Account Free The most effective and budget-friendly way to give students real personalized help in math, covering Middle Grades Math through Algebra II.
School Edition $5.00/student Our current pricing for institutional customers starts at $5 per student per year. To discuss the specifics of your school or district, please contact us.
Home Edition 24-Hour Plan $3.00 One-time fee.
Home Edition 1-Week Plan $9.00 One-time fee.
Home Edition 3-Month Plan $49.00 One-time fee.
Home Edition Monthly Subscription $19.00/month Monthly recurring subscription.
Math Boot Camp $24.00 A 5-week boot camp. Get everything Virtual Nerd has to offer, plus weekly playlists to expand and test your knowledge and a pre- and post- quiz to assess your brain gain.