Vialogues supports meaningful discussions around video. Video can be a powerful instrument with which to engage an audience. However, while videos are essential to the equation, the conversations surrounding these videos are what characterize a vialogue. Vialogues gives you the opportunity to participate in a focused environment that allows you to absorb the content of a video while commenting on it.

The heart of Vialogues is embedded into its name; a vialogue is a video plus a dialogue.

To get started: upload a video (you can even grab one from YouTube), make your vialogue public or private, and start talking! Of course, you can always skip the first two steps and just jump into a conversation.


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June 5, 2015

Vialogues is COOL! Let me just get that statement out of the way as I continue to describe what this super platform can do.   Vialogues lets you post original or borrowed (YouTube, Vimeo) content and start a discussion with it. The discussion takes place as you watch the video, so a timestamp is created when you leave a comment. This lets the viewer know exactly where in the video you had a thought worth conveying.   Others can reply to your comments, you…

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May 3, 2012

Vialogues is a free video discussion platform that was developed & maintained at EdLab, Teachers College, Columbia University. Vialogues (video + dialogue) allows educators to easily annotate, share and embed videos to help them to "flip" video content for classroom discussions & to create private or public asynchronous discussions around video!