Veggie Bottoms for iPad


Your child can learn about fruits and veggies and improve their reading skills at the same time!

Veggie Bottoms is an interactive book that features unique animated characters that help educate children about the healthy aspects of various fruits and vegetables in a fun and funny way. Children can read along and interact with the colorful and lively characters as they tell a little story about why they are so nutritious – And 30% of our profits go to the Fruits & Veggies: More Matters initiative!

• Each fruit and veggie has a unique animation — tap, slide, and shake the screen to interact with the characters.
• With the tap of a button, all of the characters spin to show you their cute little fruit and veggie bottoms!
• Read along with the highlighted text as each character narrated and educates.
• Turn pages manually or skip around throughout the story as you wish!

The fruit and veggie characters include: Medford Eggplant, The Snap Brothers, Thomas P. Coconut, Georgia Beet, John Lemon, Kent Blueberry, Plato Tomato, Earl and Harold Kiwi, Forelle Pear, Scarlett Banana, and more!

The reviews are in!

Rated 6 of Top 50 Best Free Apps of Summer (4.75 out of 5 Stars) by Digital Storytime

4.5 out of 5 Stars –

4 out of 5 Stars –

“Veggie Bottoms for iPad is a fantastically fun way for our kids to learn about their fruits and vegetables! Kids will love the tapping, sliding, and shaking features of these hilarious veggie and fruit personalities. The graphics are bright and alluring and the characters each have their own uniquely amusing personality. Kids will be giggling the whole time they are learning about fruits and veggies! That will most likely continue when they visit the market and recognize these characters in the produce departments.” – Best Apps for Kids

“Dinner may sound like a harmless and relaxing activity, but for some parents it is a constant battle. It is especially tough when you have young kids who refuse to eat the slightest bit green on their plates. Well if you happen to be one of those tired parents (bless your soul), then here’s an app which may take some load off your shoulders: Veggie Bottoms.

Developed by Red Card Studios, Veggie Bottoms is an original, interactive app that promotes healthy eating for kids. Silly and colorful, this digital book features 12 animated characters based on various fruits and vegetables, like Theodore Medford Eggplant, John Lemon, Plato Tomato, and many more.” – Geeks With Juniors


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Veggie Bottoms for iPad $0.99 Compatible with iOS devices.


Learning Engineer
February 28, 2014

Veggie Bottoms is a cute interactive story designed to teach students about fruits and vegetables. On each page of the story students learn about the characteristics and health benefits of a new vegetable or fruit. Students can manipulate the image of each fruit and vegetable in the app. For example, on the page about peas students open the pea pod. Each image talks to students too.
Veggies Bottoms could be a good app to use as part of an elementary school lesson about healthy food choices. Veggie Bottoms currently costs $0.99.