Unite for Literacy


Great Books that Children Love.

Our library is filled with original books about the real world that your child will relate to. Even better, you can listen along in different languages. There are many books to choose from, with new titles added every Tuesday.

Culturally Relevant Books. 30+ Languages.

We craft our books to help children learn to love reading while developing important pre-reading skills. The book narrations, in English and other languages, offer additional support. There are helpful suggestions for families at the end of each book.

Read Anywhere, Anytime.

You and your child are often on the go, and so are our books. The library works on smartphones, tablets and computers. Internet connection is all that’s required. Now you will always have great books at your fingertips!

Always Free. No Subscription.

The books are always free for all readers, with no login or personal information collected. We ask only that you share this valuable resource with others to increase readership. Books are sponsored by businesses within your community that are committed to helping us improve literacy.


Plan Price Details
Unite for Literacy Free The books are always free for all readers, with no login or personal information collected.
Printed Books $50 An assortment of 50 conveniently packaged children's books from our library that can help you: 1) make a difference in families' lives, 2) grow your business, 3) show your customers that you care.


Educational Technology Specialist
October 20, 2015

Students are able to listen to over 150 storybooks in their home language. Books are diverse and culturally relevant to students. The icons on the top of the library divide the books into different topics.Overall, this is a great website to pair with specific lesson plans or for using it as an extra guide to reading.