We are a private network … a new community of independent thinkers, creatives, and professionals. Our entire platform is built to protect and empower you. Use our encrypted communication network for your personal or professional contacts.

  • We have banned ads, all tracking, and all third party apps and games because they are back doors that extract information without your permission.
  • We use powerful encryption protection to keep your communication as private as you intended.
  • We have banned tagging and face recognition technology too. We think it has no place in a private network.
  • We designed our privacy settings to be clear and easy to use. Our default privacy settings are always set to give you maximum privacy protection.
  • We encourage activists, community organizers, non-profits, all creatives, writers, authors, and bloggers to add our free donation button to their blogs to raise funds for their causes. We extract no fee for this service. It’s open to unsubscribed and subscribed members.

We all know that the giant social networks have morphed into data collection companies. They track everything you do online. Then, they sell or trade what they know about you — like a commodity, no different from soy beans or silver. We don’t do that to you.

Remember that data brokers create shadow profiles about you using all the information they have easily harvested about you from public sites. if you are using a site that has ads, you are being tracked. Banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, recruiters, employers, litigation lawyers, governments, and even universities can access and purchase these shadow profiles. People risk embarrassment, job loss, career failure, higher interest and insurance rates, even political reprisals from the lack of real privacy on public sites. We protect you from these privacy invasions.


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May 5, 2013

A complete and private social network.