We believe university-level education can be both high quality and low cost. Using the economics of the Internet, we’ve connected some of the greatest teachers to hundreds of thousands of students all over the world.

Udacity was founded by three roboticists who believed much of the educational value of their university classes could be offered online for very low cost. A few weeks later, over 160,000 students in more than 190 countries enrolled in our first class, “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence.” The class was twice profiled by the New York Times and also by other news media. Now we’re a growing team of educators and engineers, on a mission to change the future of education.


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Udacity Free Free online university classes for everyone.


September 3, 2012

Udacity is one of the first University platforms for free education worldwide. It is more Computer Oriented than other online courses and totally free. The lectures in contrast to other online courses are much shorter in length with more quizzes on the way, whih makes revision easier. The technology used is advanced, with the emphasis placed on the notes rather than the professor.

There is a deadline for submitting homework which is very motivating, and it is claimed that a certificate is sent to anyone passing all the Units and final assignment homework.

I personally started with Python, but I haven't finished the whole course since my PC was giving problems with a program needed to complete the assignment. Any problems, however, can be solved in the forums, but people are asked not to post answers and spoilers.

Anyone interested in any of the courses should enroll. All that is needed is an email account.