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Twin is an award-winning UK company that develops children’s skills through purpose-led STEM learning. Founded in 2017, Twin was launched so that children aged 5–14 develop STEM skills through physical kits and a digital app. It also empowers the next generation with compassionate understanding by focusing on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal education. – Safe and moderated platform for kids – Interactive videos, mini-games, 500+ DIY activities. Twin shares monthly insight reports with teachers and parents which includes deepdive analysis to children’s interest areas and skill development progress. This helps teachers/parents to gain insight about the individual needs of each child. The report also includes recommendations for teachers/parents to make them witness children’s learning journey.

Twin’s educational approach closely follows constructivism, which argues that people learn by actively constructing their own knowledge using their previous knowledge and experiences as a foundation.
– The app includes STEM Trivia games; interactive videos featuring real-life examples and STEM role models and gamification features that reward children for learning.
– The interactive videos in the app are linked with DIY projects where children can apply the knowledge they acquire from the videos to create something from scratch or run a scientific experiment. With a library of over 300 DIY projects and experiments, Twin app allows children to find a project that fits their interests.
– Each activity in the app is tagged with the cognitive and SEL skills that are targeted by a given activity. Each video and DIY project is designed with specific skill development goals in mind. SEL topics such as staying motivated in the face of challenges are embedded in the videos. We show kids that beneficial technologies can be developed by observing nature, questioning our world and making conscientious decisions.
– The app covers important SDG concepts in the STEM videos and DIY projects to raise children’s environmental and global awareness. Each video is tagged with the most prominent SDG to make these goals visible in the app. We use a language that is hopeful and introduce technologies that can help us reach these goals, so that children feel empowered to make a change instead of feeling disheartened.
– Children can share their projects with peers, comment on each other’s posts and challenge each other in Trivia games in a fully-moderated learning environment. They can also have conversations with their peers in the forum. What their dream superpower is or how they help to combat climate change are some of the topics discussed in the forum.

Twin was born from an NGO that works with a vision to cultivate a compassionate and competent generation. Twin is committed to provide SDG aligned STEM education to children from all socio-economical backgrounds. Before 2017, the founding team members of Twin Science conducted workshops with more than 20.000 children and decided to establish Twin as a social impact driven venture. Since then, through the World Science Movement project, Twin products have reached more than 500.000 disadvantaged children in Turkey, South Africa, Kenya, Cameroon, Pakistan and India. Twin is committed to reducing inequalities while providing quality education.


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Chief Content Officer
April 26, 2022

Since, I am one of the developers of this tool, I am looking forward to hearing comments and feedback of experts to continue to develop our products.

I observed and strongly believe that children who engage with Twin products gain a perspective on how to use knowledge and skills to do good in the world.