Twelve a Dozen


Twelve a Dozen is a beautiful puzzle-platformer that takes you on a journey through a universe of numbers.

Join the heroine, Twelve, as she sets off on an adventure to rescue her family during a cataclysmic event befalling the town of Dozenopolis. Follow along as she and her companion Dot—a clever decimal point brought to life by actress and comedian Lucy Montgomery’s charming narration—explore the universe and solve mathematics puzzles along the way. Meet a quirky cast of characters: gruffletrumps, sum beasts, and even the mysterious forest-dwelling Reds, and test your brain in a fun and engaging way.

Designed to support the curriculum of 10-14 year olds, Twelve a Dozen takes a refreshing approach to educational gaming. The story and game puzzles integrate mathematics at a core level, encouraging players to look at mathematics as fun rather than schoolwork. The game was developed by Bossa Studios, in conjunction with educational pioneers Amplify and mathematics teachers, to ensure that its design and content complement the classroom experience in a novel and engaging way. Amplify is dedicated to re-imagining the way teachers teach and students learn.

Twelve a Dozen’s puzzles revolve around manipulating numbers. With the help of scattered “numbles” you’ll use addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, and even more complex operations to unlock the powers hidden within digits—powers which can help you overcome the game’s tricky puzzles and dangerous environments. Starting with simple calculations the game eventually covers more complex mathematical operations to challenge players.

“If your children don’t like this, I’ll eat my iPad” – The Sun on Sunday

“I watched both of my sons (seven and nine years old) excited to enter and re-enter a world of algebra, and I felt increasingly optimistic about the future of education. The game is fun.” – Forbes


– 30 levels of superb platforming adventure
– Delightful puzzles to solve as you journey through the world
– Core mathematical concepts presented in an engaging and meaningful way
– Stunning art and a charming story that appeals to all ages
– Delightful voice-over provided by English comedian and actress Lucy Montgomery
– Additional levels coming soon… in a free content update!

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Plan Price Details
Twelve a Dozen $4.99 Compatible with iOS devices.