Tiny Chicken Learns Math


Help Tiny Chicken Across the River!

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Tiny Chicken need to get across the river but there is no bridge. The only way is by strategically placing a raft in the water for Tiny to bounce off it. The position where the raft needs to be placed is depicted by an arithmetic problem.

The game engages and challenges children by having a time countdown in which they need to mentally calculate the solution to the problem. This game will allow children to hone their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills via a fun, easy to play game mechanic.


  • 4 different games with 6 tricky levels in each.
  • Great for all ages, easy to learn.
  • Very engaging and addictive.


  • Elementary Addition.
  • Elementary Subtraction.
  • Elementary Multiplication.
  • Elementary Division.


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Tiny Chicken Learns Math Free Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.