Web-based timeline software for creating and sharing history, project and more.

Timeglider is a data-driven interactive timeline application. You can "grab" the timeline and drag it left and right, and zoom in and out — much as you would with a mapping app — to view centuries at a time or just hours. You can create create event spans so that you can see durations and how they overlap. Being web-based, Timeglider lets you collaborate and share easily.

You can create timelines about the last year of your family, the last century of world events, or about pre-historical (bce/bc) times. You can zoom in to see ten minutes, or zoom out to see billions of years.


Plan Price Details
Free Plan Free 3 timelines, 1 user, 16 images, 1000 pageviews, no presentations, no legends, no collaboration.
Plus Plan $5/month 10 timelines, 30 user, 200 images, 5000 pageviews, 5 presentation, legends, collaboration.
Pro Plan $50/month Unlimited timelines, 30 Plus users, unlimited free users, 1000 images, 50,000 pageviews, unlimited presentation with password protection, legends, collaboration.
Plus Account for Life $200 Plus account benefits forever!