Time Teacher – Learn How To Tell Time


Time Teacher is a great way to teach children how to tell time. Within this app is a number of activities that will help children develop an understanding of telling the time for your children, including:

* 12 clocks to choose from within 6 themes.
* Matching digital and analog time.
* Setting the hands on an analog clock to match a digital clock.
* Setting the time on a digital clock from an analog clock.
* Learn mode: where your children can change either a digital clock or an analog clock and have the time spoken to them.
* Option to use spoken words such as quarter-past, half-past, ten-past, twenty-to
* Vibrant clocks and themes will keep your children’s attention.

Children can undertake quizzes to earn trophies, the more trophies you earn the more pieces of the hidden puzzle you can unlock.

With a great visual look and feel and options to purchase more themes and clocks your child will have a great time whilst they learn how to read the time!

By using this time telling app, your kids will be well placed to read both digital and analog clocks.


Plan Price Details
Time Teacher Lite - Learn How To Tell Time Free Free mobile app.
Time Teacher - Learn How To Tell Time $0.99 Paid mobile app.
Extra Puzzle $0.99 In-app purchase.